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Outdoor Modules brands

Multifunctional Emergency Solar Power Pack
Quick details
Place of Origin:ChinaBrand Name:SunharmonicsSolar panel: Flexible CIGS
Flexibility: PortableSize: 258*160*25mmOutput:30W
Use:Outdoor activitiesAccessories: Emergency Power Supply and Charger Bag
Function description
◆  Power 5V, 12V~19V electronics
              Suitable for portable digital devices like laptops, digital camera, phones, blue tooth earphones, GPS,                         Pads, PSP, MP3 or MP4 players, etc.
◆  Build-in LED illumination light
              Can be used as a flash light or SOS signal flashing light.
◆  Jump start automobile
◆  Emergency tire inflation
◆  Compass design combined
◢   Flexible CIGS Solar Charger
◢   Tire Inflator
◢   Emergency Power Supply
◢   Power Adapter
◢   Vehicle Charging Conversion Cable
◢   DC Link
◢   USB Charging Cable
◢   Battery Clamp
◢   Laptop Charging Connectors
Flexible CIGS Solar Charger
Tire Inflator
Battery Clamp
Emergency Power Supply
Q: How long will it take to fully charge the Power Pack to maximum capacity?
A:2-3 hours. Depending on the current battery charge indicator.

Q: Will reversing polarity connection of the jump start cable damage the vehicle?
A: No, the Power Pack is very safe with comprehensive protection. If you accidentally connect the red and black cable clamps to the wrong polarity terminal and attempt to jump start the vehicle, the fuse will be blown and will cut the power immediately to prevent injury and avoid damaging the vehicle.

Q: What if it doesn’t jump start the vehicle?
A: If the Power Pack fails to jump start the engine, please wait at least 10 seconds before start attempting to try again. It is also highly recommended to replace the vehicle battery once 2 or 3 years.

Q: How long will it take to full charge a mobile phone?
A: Usually it will take around 2 hours as the output current can reach 2A, which is much faster than the original factory chargers that are usually supplied with the mobile phone.Outdoor Modules brands



2018-05-30 03:31:11



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