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Are you a miner or you just wanted or begin to mine cryptocurrency, NOW here comes a site bringing up a mining game – Check -
Laas Games was created with the goal of developing games that teach people about new technologies by mixing entertainment and education
For the last 5 months, the Laas Games team have been working hard on their project, carefully constructing a game that is both fun and informative.
For you who don’t know what Blockchain is:
Blockchain is an ingenious new technology that changes the way the digital information is described on the internet. Designed and created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto – a pseudonym for the person or persons behind Blockchain technology. Information can be distributed but not copied, allowing for security and protection in the cryptocurrency market. Blockchain’s original purpose was support the usage of bitcoin but the technology has evolved, and people are finding new and inventive uses for it.
So what our Aim: -
The main aim of The Mining Factory is that after participating in the game, people can successfully interact with the world of cryptocurrencies. The game will help players determine the best practices to use and which cryptocurrencies are the most promising.

So begin with us NOW - … =user_menu



2018-02-22 18:54:39



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