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#1 2017-09-26 11:55:56

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Tourney Crash Course?

My buddies and I have been playing low stakes home games every other week for a year and a half now. We just got to talking about heading to Wendover to play a small weekend tournament.

I'm looking for opinions on how I should prepare, and I'd really appreciate any help from you guys. Here's a little bit of background on me and my buddies:

I hold a very low stakes cash game of no limit holdem(.05/.10) every other week. It usually attracts 5 to 7 broke students, like myself, the majority (ok, probably all of us) being fish. I've caught the bug a bit, and have been trolling around here and reading up in my free time. The two books I'm going through right now are Harrington on Cash Games and The Mental Game of Poker, which are both amazing. I'm probably the most interested in poker in my group, and the only one actively studying the game.

Like I said, we mostly play a cash game, but I have held two tournaments in the past that were successful to my home game standards (8 players attended both). I want to prep myself, and even prep my buddies, for a casino tournament setting that we will be attending in mid-August most likely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but here's some questions that come to mind that could get the ball rolling:

I want to hold 3-4 home tournaments before we play the big one. While keeping in mind that there would only be 8-9 players in these home tourneys, what tournament structure would best represent a bigger tourney?

What books would you suggest I study up on? Would you suggest having sort of a "study group" with my buddies, and if so, how would you run that sort of meeting?

Is there a place I could study up on proper casino ediquite? (sorry, I have no idea how to spell that)

What kind of methods would you use to prepare for a tournament in two months?

What kind of tourney should we look to attend? How far in advance do you need to buy in?

Thanks for helping out a noob like me, I really appreciate any and all advice.

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2017-09-26 11:55:56


#2 2017-10-27 18:04:00

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Re: Tourney Crash Course?

Hope your business going well buddy and I am glad that you shared your suggestion here. This habit grows if someone is regular at a casino but it is also fun at the same time. So, if anyone is interested to play online casino games then look at this web-site and please share your experience.

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