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Insurance claim questions


I have a note 5 and it's almost been a year since I've purchased it. My camera has been acting strange it makes a grinding sound whether I open the camera app or not and then the screen will become "wavy" . Once I was trying to screen shot something and began to do the wavy motion and it actually screenshot the wave motion. I should have saved thee photo but I was clearing out unneeded images to save room for more memory.

My pen is also stuck , tried everything to remove it without breaking the phone, which annoys me because the stylus was one of the reasons i bought this phone.

My screen is lifting on the right for corner from trying to remove the original tempered glass the sales associate had placed on here when it cracked. I'm afraid to remove the current tempered glass protector because it may make it worse.

Do these issues warrant a replacement phone? Would it be another note 5 or a newer comparable priced model

Thank You!!!

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2017-10-04 06:37:27



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