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Homeowners insurance claim questions!


I hope I don't get in trouble for this given the recent discussions about this forum but here goes. (BTW I did search before posting this and was suprised to find that there was no Homeowners insurance FAQ) We had hail damage to our home. We have replacement value coverage. The insurance adjuster wrote out a detailed list of our loss with the value for each and paid us the depreciated value for the items. He told us that once we got the items fixed we would file a supplimental claim to get the rest of the money. Ok fine. We get the roof replaced. We file a claim for the rest of the roof cost. The insurance company doesn't want to give us any money because the original check (which was for more damaged items than the roof) would cover the roof cost. What I am I guess really trying to understand is the logic here. If I pay for the roof out of the original check, I will have NO money left for the other repairs. This would force me to pay for these other repairs out of pocket (which I can't do) until the supp. claim money came back from the insurance company. Here the logical problem I am having here. They paid us the deprec. value for our loss without any proof of us fixing anything, why is it when we prove we fixed one item we don't get the actual value for that item and still have the depr. amount for the rest? It is almost like now you have to prove you fixed ALL the stuff before you get your money. Here is my practical problem, is there any way to get them to 'front' the rest of the repair money based on estimates so I can get these things fixed?

Please help...

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2017-09-28 12:42:31



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