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BriteBanc LTD

We're bridging the gap between crypto & banking.
Join us in the biggest and best ICO of 2018.
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BriteBanc’s "Smart Wallet Technology", Supporting Fiat and Cryptois rocking the $215 Billion plus emerging Altcoin Banking Industry

BriteBanc Itself:-
BriteBanc LTD (“BriteBanc” or “the Company”) is a licensed offshore retail banking institution, accepting deposits, paying interest, and offering loan products as well as other banking services.

BriteBanc caters to the worldwide crypto community, and operates a comprehensive online retail banking presence, allowing crypto and fi at depositors to transfer funds internationally, access credit and debit card services as well as other banking functions while earning interest. More importantly, BriteBanc expects to make a signifi cant investment in cryptocurrency technology that it plans to bring to the marketplace.

As a fi ntech company, BriteBanc believes it brings a unique level of operational experience to the needs of the fi nancial community. Although blockchain technology has exploded over the past few years with the success of Bitcoin, alternative coins and other applications, the banking community has traditionally resisted adopting blockchain technology in retail applications. With a decentralized currency and payment infrastructure being extremely disruptive to the banking industry, it is no wonder major banks have resisted adopting blockchain technology to support its retail business. Bitcoin has been belittled by many banks, even while in the background banks have been making investments in blockchain technology for applications such as internal funds transfers and “hyper-ledger’ functions etc. All this has occurred in the backdrop of a cryptocurrency marketplace that has had overwhelming attention over the past year. Even with a retrenchment at the start of the year, the alternative coin (or “altcoin”) space has come into its own. Many altcoin companies have brought considerable enhancements to blockchain technology, making important contributions to the crypto ecosystem which have further been adopted (and enhanced again) by other companies. The innovation in this industry and the speed of its adoption is unprecedented, even when compared to the major achievements of Silicon Valley fi rms.

BriteBanc seeks to position itself as major player in this space by offering a unique suite of financial services to crypto participants, and by innovating with a variety of blockchain enhancements that are focused on the financial industry. To accomplish these goals, BriteBanc intends to undertake an initial coin offering (ICO) for a new digital token called “Capital Coin”, or CapCoin (or CAP).

BriteBanc intends to marry present-day retail banking with the benefits of blockchain infrastructure to allow decentralization, autonomous transactions, and smart contracts. To help drive cyrpto adoption to the mainstream, BriteBanc intends to make the more familiar functions available to cryptocurrency holders, such as demand deposit accounts, interest-bearing savings, certificates of deposit and access to money market funds. However, the Company believes that all the banking products in the world will not drive adoption in the crypto space until a bank can provide enhanced security, ease of use and a few exciting developments found nowhere else. Some key aspects of BriteBanc’s anticipated technology are:

• The development of smart contracts that implement the depository options for cryptocurrency associated with the bank’s retail offerings;
• Proprietary Smart Wallets that unlock functions contained in the smart contracts and communicate with the bank using a proprietary protocol;
• A security protocol that uses data provided by Smart Wallets to enhance the security of wallet balances;
• A KYC/AML blockchain solution that provides instant validation/verification for KYC required transactions across the ecosystem; and
• A “deposit commitment” protocol enabling the earning of interest for CapCoins held in decentralized wallets in any location.

This is an introductory part, learn more and better on our whitepaper -
And Our Website -



2018-06-08 14:51:41



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