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This ICO opens a world fo collectible and playable cards. Gnome Invasion is an alternative universe of reality.
Gnome invasion Token opens a world for collectible and playable cards accompanied by Gnome Invasion book that is connected to the internet. Reading will never be the same again.
We release a smartbook and the most exciting blockchain based card game with collectible cards. Both are for online and physical gaming.
Book will act as a lore for Gnome Invasion Universe. All the cards are tradeable on the block-chain and all our products are redeemable for GIT tokens.

Gnome Invasion is a world for collectible and playable cards with Smart-Book book connected to the Internet

About the creator
I am a 29 year old entusiastic gamer and game developer. I play a lot and review games on my Youtube Channel. I love games and i have created dezens of card, and boradgames in the past. I published only one! I am a creator of Moonshine Card Game series in Estonia and 3 Yeas ago started to work on Gnome Invasion Universe project. This will be the biggest block-chain game yet!
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2018-06-08 00:55:31



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