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Bounty Program[/b]

Bounty Program


    Join Our Affiliate Program
    Join Our Telegram Channel and Invite a Friend
    Registering for a COINTROOPS Account
    YouTube Videos
    Twitter Retweets
    Written Content
    CTP Memes
    Facebook Campaign


We are excited to announce the launch of our CTP Bounty Program! Promote our CTP Token Sale and get CTP for Free. We would like to benefit our CTP users directly through this Bounty Program. Participate in the CTP Bounty Program now.

The COINTROOPS IEO aims to raise USD70M from CTP tokens. Each CTP token is equivalent to $0.20. With the rapid evolution of blockchain and the need for more secured crypto tokens to power the next generation of innovation, we foresee CTP becoming the cryptocurrency of user's choice; one of the top 10 crypto tokens by market capitalization in a couple of years.

The CTP Token pre-IEO sale starts on 24th June 2018, followed by the stage one, stage two and stage three of IEO

Sale from 1st July 2018 to 1st October 2018.

The Bounty will be accounted and distributed after the CTP Token Sale is over. A Bounty Application Form (Google Form) and a verified COINTROOPS account is mandatory for each Bounty submission (except for Affiliate Bounty as this is available from your COINTROOPS account). All status submissions can be tracked via the Tracker Sheet. Only applications submitted via the CTP Bounty Application Google Form will be reviewed for the CTP Bounty Program.


Except for Affiliate Bounty, remaining Bounty will be given to individuals on performance basis. We would appreciate our entire COINTROOPS community to put in their best efforts to make our CTP Token Sale a success. The CTP Bounty Campaign consists of 7 categories:

    Join our Telegram channel
    Open a COINTROOPS account
    Create YouTube videos
    Twitter retweet from @COINTROOPS
    Written content
    CTP Memes
    Facebook Campaign

Join Affiliate Program

Login to your COINTROOPS account, navigate to the top of the dashboard you will find your affiliate link. Earn 5% in CTP bounty proceeds from each friend who participates in the CTP Token Sale with your affiliate link. Share your affiliate link with your friends today!


For Other Categories, Check more and know more -

You can begin with our Telegram -



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