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Claim update questions


So i go in tomorrow for my mri on my hip. My doctor says hes 90% sure i need surgery.
The last time i talked to my adjuster i told her this and told her id get in touch after my mri.
Well today i tried to fac her the lien from my health insurance cause they wont settle till the pay my health insurance. My fax said jt did not get an answer so i called her to get her fax number. The first person i talked to said my claim was now being handled by a different adjuster.

My first question is why would they have changes adjusters. They changed it already back in auguest to someone in their upper level adjuster deptment i think is how they worded it. I dont understand why they would give it to another adjuster again

Second. How is a surgery going to effect my settlement. Ik its going to make it take longer. But im guessing with surgery i will get a larger settlement. Im thought is if i get surgery its time to get a lawyer for sure. Would u agree

Thank You!!!

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2017-10-04 06:32:45



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