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#1 2017-09-28 12:45:05

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I claimed from for a lost item, however, the claim was made on the 31st December, the first day they knew the item was lost.

The item was collected on 1st December, I contacted them on 21st to be told it would be redelivered on 24th. On the 31st I checked it was redelivered, they then stated it was lost, gave me a claim form and I posted back imediately.

The claim form clearly states that claims should be made by the 28th day after collection, but they wern't aware of its loss until 31 days!:confused:

Needless to say the loss claim got rejected. I wrote to the Managing Director, and got an email offering £50 of credit on The item sold for £60 plus £9.99 p&p

Should I take this claim to the small claims court (at a cost of £25) or accept?

Any body else had problems?

Please help...

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2017-09-28 12:45:05



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