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Need some Quant crash-course last min advice

I have a big concern. I have not formally read any GMAT Quant material so far. Now I am closing in on my GMAT date. The only practice I have done is through a handful of GMAT Club tests w/o genuine focus/interest and mainly through GMAT CAT Mock Tests.

I have NO strategy what-so-ever in Quant. I just take 1 question at a time and SOLVE EVERY question, w/o guessing or POE, till it's eternity and until I find the right answer; sometimes my instincts tells me to get tips from answer choices but that's about it. Sometimes I take < 30 secs and rarely but sometimes even 4-5 mins - overall avg 1.5 min per question. "So far" (based on how little I have practiced) I have not seen a question that I can't solve for some reason - yeah I occasionally find myself taking a LONG LONG route to solve a problem, which, by the time I get to the answer, I realize I could have solved with a shortcut and that's how I learn for the next time I get that type of problem.

As the day is closing in and I have pretty much no set strategy in Quant, I fear what if GMAT gives me the HARDEST of the problems in their book, and I take way too long and end up mismanaging my time towards the end of the section. That would suck! So far I have been following the punch line - "trust your strength, focus on your weakness".

Any last minute advice for me? Is there any all-purpose Quant material that I could review and that summarizes trick and tips for all the hardest problems in GMAT? I want to spent at-least 1-2 day to polish my Quant in coming weeks. But I seriously don't have time to go through all the 5 MGMAT books; How is the MGMAT Advanced Strategy book - would that be of any help?

Please help....

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